Targe Bramka do goalball

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bramka do goalball
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Define The Goal. Protect The Athletes. Promote The Sport Every player should have the opportunity to play in front of goals worthy of the pinnacle of our sport. Targe staff has pulled from their personal involvement in the past six Paralympic Games to design goalball products. Our goalball goal is a great example of this experience resulting in innovative goalball equipment. Now your goalball equipment not only strictly conforms to published IBSA goalball rules but also answers Yes to the question: “Is it possible for “ease of use” for a routine practice and “superior quality and professionalism” for high level tournaments to come out of one goal case?” Available worldwide through Targe distributors and logistics centers, the Targe goalball goal offers the best value and quality available on the market today. Our goal can be shipped quick if you need it soon or offer the best value if you have planned your season and are able to pre-order and take scheduled delivery “How wide?” The inside edges of the goal posts will be 9m apart allowing the goal posts to sit outside the court. “How high?” Our crossbar construction promotes structural stability and a consistent parallel 1.3m height under the crossbar during play. “How safe?” All parts which could come in contact with the athletes during game play are covered with foam to promote athlete safety. EACH GOAL INCLUDES: Powder coated steel structural parts Mesh net Protective crossbar & goal post foam All fastening hardware Price reflects single goal end. Please contact us for a quote on shipping.
Brmka do goalball renomowanej kanadyjskiej firmy Targe.
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